Sources: Links to Texts

In the digital age, everything is semi-free. Below are portals to an internet library of texts to assist in mediological analysis. Labor at your pleasure, enjoy your discipline.

301 (amazing resource for academic texts!)

Louis Althusser, For Marx

Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics

Alain Badiou, “Eight Theses on the Universal

Jonathan Beller, “Cinema, Capital of the Twentieth Century”

Walter Benjamin, “On the Work of Art in the Age of its Mechanical Reproduction”

Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution

Henri Bergson, Matter and Memory

Henri Bergson, Time and Free Will

Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle

Regis Debray, “Revolution in the Revolution” (excerpts)

Manuel DeLanda, “Deleuze and the Genetic Algorithm”

Manuel DeLanda, “Economics, Computers, and the War Machine”

Manuel DeLanda, “The Machinic Phylum

Manuel DeLanda, “Meshworks, Hierarchies, and Interfaces”

Manuel DeLanda, “Open Source: A Movement in Search of a Philosophy”

Manuel DeLanda, “Uniformity and Variability: An Essay on the Philosophy of Matter”

Manuel DeLanda, “Virtual Environments and the Emergence of Synthetic Reason”

Gilles Deleuze, “The Nature of Flows”

Jacques Derrida, Of Grammatology (Chapter 2)

Michel Foucault, “Of Other Spaces” (Heterotopias)

Sam Gillespe, The Mathematics of Novelty: Badiou’s Minimalist Metaphysics

Graham Harman, Prince of Networks: Bruno Latour and Metaphysics

David Harvey, Entire Course of Lectures on Marx’s Capital (video lectures)

Fredric Jameson, “Postmodernism, Or the Logic of Late Capital”

Thomas Kuhn, On the Structure of Scientific Revolutions (Section 9)

Bruno Latour, “Do Scientific Objects Have a History?: Pasteur and Whitehead in a Bath of Lactic Acid”

Bruno Latour, “From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik: Or How Do We Make Things Public?”

Bruno Latour, “Its the Development, Stupid! Or How Can We Modernize Modernization?”

Bruno Latour, “On Technical Mediation: Philosophy, Sociology, Geneaology”

Bruno Latour, Paris: Invisible City (interactive text-website)

Bruno Latour, “Spheres and Networks: Two Ways to Reinterpret Globalization”

Bruno Latour, “Unscrewing the Big Leviathan: How Actors Macrostructure Reality and How Sociology Helps Them to Do So”

Bruno Latour, “Will Humans Be Saved? An Argument in Ecotheology”

Francois Laurelle, “A New Presentation of Non-Philosophy

Francois Laruelle, A Dictionary of Non-Philosophy

Gottfried Leibniz, Monadology

Gyorgy Lukacs, History and Class Consciousness (includes “The Phenomenon of Reification”)

Karl Marx, Capital: Volume 1

Christopher Robert McMahon, “Hysterical Academies: Lacan’s Theory of the Four Discourses

D.N. Rodowick, Deleuze’s Time Machine

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Discourse On the Origin of Inequality

Georg Simmel, “The Metropolis and Mental Life”

Baruch Spinoza, Ethics

Gilbert Simondon, On The Mode of Existence of Technical Objects (Part I)

Gilbert Simondon, The Individual and its Physico-Biological Genesis (Chapter 1, “Form and Matter”)

Gilbert Simondon, Psychic and Collective Individuation (Chapter 1: “Individuation of Perceptive Units and Signification”)

Paolo Virno, “On General Intellect”

McKenzie Wark, Gamer Theory 2.0

McKenzie Wark, Hacker Manifestor 4.0

Slavoj Zizek, “Hitchcock”

Slavoj Zizek, The Sublime Object of Ideology

Slavoj Zizek, “Welcome to the Desert of the Real”


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