Pratt Film Collective


Pratt Film Collective is a student-run club which screens classic, indie, foriegn, and cult films in an informal setting for Pratt students and alumni. Dave Kaufman (Junior, Film and Video) and Collin Lewis (Alumni, Film and Video) are student coordinators of the series, and Christopher Vitale serves as faculty advisor.

For more information, please visit our webpage here. For updates, you can also join our Facebook Group here. All films are screened on a Monday Evenings, 8:30 pm, North Hall rm. 106, Pratt Brooklyn Campus. For more information, contact

Fall 2009 Schedule of Films:

Horror Month:

– Oct 19 – Suspiria, Dario Argento, Italy, 1977.  

– Oct 26 – Double Feature! Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Shinya Tsukamoto,
Japan, 1989, and Hausu (House), Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1977.

Asian Violence Films:

– November 2 – Oldboy, Park Chan-Wook, Korea, 2003.

– November 9 – Battle Royale, Kinji Fukusaku, Japan, 2001.

David Cronenberg: Master of Body-Terrors-

– November 16 – Existenz, David Cronenberg, Canada, 1999.

– November 27 – The Brood, Cronenberg, 1979.

– Nov 30 –Naked Lunch, Cronenberg, 1991.

Chill Films for Finals:

– Dec 7 – Dreams, Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1990.

– Dec 14 – Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, Jun Fukudu, Japan, 1974.



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