Mediology Reading Group

The Group that reads together, feeds together. Here’s how we feed.

- Fall 2011. Wednesday, Sept. 29, 12:30-2pm. Meeting on The Civil Contract of Photography, by Ariella Azoulay (Zone Books, 2008).

- Spring 2010, Tuesday, April 13, 12:30-2pm. Meeting on African Fractals: Modern Computing and Indigenous Design, by Ron Eglash (Rutgers Univ. Press, 1999).


- Fall 2009, November 18, 12:30-2pm. Meeting on selected essays from Writings (Univ. of Minnesota, 2004) and Towards a Philosophy of Photography (Reaktion Press, 2000, orig. 1983) by Vilem Flusser.


- Fall 2009, October 4, 12:30-2pm. Meeting on Deep Time of the Media: Toward an Archaeology of Hearing and Seeing by Technical Means, by Siegfried Zielinski (M.I.T., 2008).


- Spring 2009. Meeting on Media Manifestoes: On the Cultural Transmission of Cultural Forms, by Regis Debray (Verso, 1996).


For information on upcoming meeting dates, location, and times, please contact the Christopher Vitale at



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